Mollie Tuggle is an illustrator, & designer from Northern California, who recently relocated to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas. 


 Her widespread, colorful, screen prints can be attributed to the talented San Francisco Fillmore + Austins Armadillo Poster culture  of the 60s & 70s . Keeping up & honoring the original format of poster art, all of her designs are illustrated by hand. Her only tools: Liquid ink , & a paint brush. Her psychedelic , dreamlike style has gotten her recognition around the world- working with bands in Japan, Europe, & across our country. But her art far succeeds posters.  Mollie is also known for her beautiful, ethereal murals & her recent contribution to Austin- A larger than Life , Painted Gibson Guitar Statue. She has worked with Major companies such as IBM, SONY, DR. Martens , Fender Guitars & recently has joined forces with CREEM magazine for their much anticipated magazine relaunch. Mollie is currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. & freelancing full-time. 

© 2020 by Mollie Tuggle


" By believing passionately in something that

still does not exist, We create it.

The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. "


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